Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Yogaglo

At the end of the film “Out of Africa,” Meryl as Karen Blixen utters the words, “He was not ours.  He was not mine.”  

This was such a painful moment.  Yet, such a deeply penetrating teaching which if we can grasp in our lifetime, we clearly are among the lucky.


Since my many surgeries, I have only practiced asana a handful of times skillfully, mindfully, watchfully while holding with great attention, the compassion of my body’s needs.  Last week, something happened which aggravated my past injuries and I have been experiencing a lot of pain on a daily basis, not to mention fear, sleeplessness, and a whole host of things which in and of themselves have required a true practice to quiet down.

Today, I finally set out to practice asana with Christina Sell on Yogaglo.  A class which I know has healed me many many times in the past.  I finally moved my weeping body with a faint whisper of something I saw an acquaintance post on Facebook just a few days ago, “Nothing gets between me and my Mat.”  The sweet remembrance of that inspiration pulled me to trust my “go to” place to heal.  The infamous Woody Allen is known for having said “80 percent of life is showing up.”  Some say he said 90%.  Personally, I would go with 90% and leave out Woody, altogether, but I do like to give credit where it is due.  

So, it took everything inside of me to roll out my mat today.  I thank Beth for the inspiration.  And I thank Christina for my deep trust in her.  I was stunned to see that I pushed myself to get on my mat.  But I did so knowing that my goal was to get out of the pain I was experiencing.  

Well, everyone probably knows this BUT me by now, but Yogaglo has removed ALL of Christina’s classes.  Every single one of them.  

We all know about the history behind what has been happening with the patents and I have no wish to dispute anything here.  But I just want to say that here it is: a big teaching.

In Buddhist terms: non-attachment.  

She was not ours.  

But where do the classes go?  The brilliant hours of work which truly inspired and helped so many of us?  

I have learned through the process they belong to Yogaglo.  But dear Yogaglo, what do you intend to do with such truly useful and beneficial material that is helpful to the countless numbers of us who truly need it?  

Isn’t YOGA about giving?  Making true offerings?  

I like to believe and need to believe that it is.

In the words of Christina, “Dignity is always relevant and Self-respect never goes out of style.”

Yogaglo, I sure hope you can learn from our wonderful teacher.  


Jill Bacharach